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Ontario Duct Cleaning was established in 1979 and has since then grown to be one of the largest air duct cleaning companies in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge & surrounding areas. As we grew, so did our reputation for being professional, reliable and ethical.

Ontario Duct Cleaning Newmarket has seen rising demand for duct cleaning and quality duct cleaning services.

Mortgage lenders, insurance companies and property owners have become increasingly cognizant of the risk dirty and clogged air ducts pose for their buildings. Therefore, air duct cleaning in Newmarket has become essential for keeping the risk of exhaust fires low. Moreover, indoor air quality can suffer immensely if ducts are not hygienic. This is why property owners rely on Ontario Duct Cleaning (ODC) to stave off catastrophe that could open you to lawsuits. Here is what duct cleaning will do:

  • Reduce dust
  • Remove mould
  • Remove foul smells
  • Remove smell of stale cigarette, vape and marijuana smoke
  • Improve airflow
  • Help reduce allergies symptoms
  • Reduce the risk of exhaust fires
  • Reduce the risk of blockages resulting in downtime
  • Increase efficiency of HVAC

It is essential that your ducts are cleaned by an experienced Newmarket duct cleaning services provider. Over 40 years we have worked on all types of duct cleaning projects. We are fully equipped to clean any type of Air Distribution System, including HVAC, air make-up systems, laundry and exhaust systems.

Whether you require duct cleaning at home or for your commercial or industrial space or shop, we can get it done.

  • Small residential buildings, houses, terraced housing, townhouses
  • Condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels and AirBnBs
  • Low-, mid- and high-rise commercial buildings
  • Health care facilities, hospitals, long care homes and laboratories
  • Manufacturing facilities, milling and industrial shops including multiple factory properties

How much does duct cleaning cost? Get a quote today

Duct cleaning varies from project to project. HVAC systems and ducting are never the same in buildings. Call us to get a quote for the cleaning you require. Our services are competitively priced, and we don’t compromise on quality. At ODC, we know how important it is to get the job done right the first time.

For large commercial and industrial cleaning Newmarket projects we offer custom onsite quotes.

Newmarket Duct Cleaning Services

If you need professional and reasonably priced services for air duct cleaning Newmarket, ODC is the team to call. We service Newmarket and the Greater Toronto Area extensively, with a fleet of modern, custom- built trucks.

  • Projects of all sizes and scope undertaken
  • Homes, commercial buildings, high-rises and industrial buildings are serviced
  • Extremely competitive pricing
  • Vents and ducts cleaned right the first time
  • Advanced sanitizing
  • Indoor Air Quality testing to ensure maximum results available

We are the duct cleaning company in Newmarket that will show you real results

Common problems that building owners in Newmarket face

  • Convoluted, old-fashioned ducting and HVAC infrastructure
  • Animal nesting debris entering inlets and clogging exhaust outlets
  • Duct cleaning companies that offer shoddy service
  • Poor value for money in duct system cleaning

Speak to ODC and find out what professional air duct cleaning in Newmarket should be all about. We are a modern duct cleaning company for a modern age.

How professional duct cleaning is beneficial for you

  • Ensure hygiene and safety for tenants and workers
  • Reduce blockages and violation of municipal bylaws
  • Maximize the efficiency of your equipment and reduce the risk of exhaust fires

Expert customer service!

How often do you hear that? Customer service that actually knows the business, understands customers’ requirements and have the knowledge to actually help you.

Speak to our expert customer service representatives to request a quote.

We clean furnaces systems of all types, including gas, oil and electric

Air Duct Cleaning – Newmarket – Richmond Hill – Woodbridge

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