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Duct Cleaning Services in Whitby

Ontario Duct cleaning, founded in 1979, was one of the first of its kind to provide professional cleaning services. We started humbly with just one truck in Toronto and have grown our presence across Whitby and all across Ontario with multiple offices scattered throughout the province. 

Our team in Whitby consists of experienced professionals who take pride in the service they provide and always value customer satisfaction above all else. Our employees are constantly trained to keep them up to date with the latest technology and duct cleaning practices to ensure our service is unmatched. 

Whitby is a busy town in Southern Ontario and there is a surge in the requirement of duct system cleaning and air duct cleaning companies in the region. City dwellers require access to clean air both inside their homes and offices which is why Ontario Duct Cleaning is operating in multiple locations all over GTA.

Poor air quality has been linked to the spread of illness, bacteria and reduced energy. A duct cleaning activity helps contain risks that arise from poor air quality which leads to loss in productivity and increased illness in schools, homes and workplaces. Buildings such as banks, insurers as well as property owners also require regular HVAC duct cleaning to counter the risks of exhaust fires. If any illness is traced back to poor air quality, tenants and occupants could file potential lawsuits. In order to save yourself from such hassles, book an appointment to get the following results:

  • Reduced dust
  • Removal of mold
  • Removal of stale cigarette, vape or marijuana smoke
  • Removal of foul smells
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Improved airflow
  • Reduced risk of exhaust fires
  • Reduced risk of blockage which prevents downtime
  • Improved efficiency of HVAC

It is imperative that you get duct cleaning in Whitby done by professionals. Ontario Duct Cleaning has worked in this domain for over 40 years and has expansive knowledge of a variety of duct cleaning projects. We have the knowledge and experience to clean any type of Air Distribution System including HVACs, laundry and exhaust systems, and air make-up systems.

Did you know that the dust that gets accumulated in the homes further circulates throughout the home through the ventilation system about 60 times a day? (this number could be higher in offices). These stats prove that you require regular duct cleaning done by professionals in the field. We cater to all kinds of duct cleaning services be it at home, office, commercial space, factory or industrial space. We service air ducts at:

  • Condominiums, apartments, Air BnBs, hotels
  • Terraced houses, townhouses, houses and small residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings (low / mid / high-rise)
  • Hospitals, long care homes, laboratories and health care facilities
  • Milling and industrial shops, manufacturing facilities and multiple factory properties

How Duct Cleaning Works

At Ontario Duct Cleaning, we offer cutting edge cleaning solutions. For fast, convenient and complete Whitby duct cleaning services, give us a call and our fleet will do the rest. 

Air quality can change seasonally and during certain seasons, the allergies tend to shoot up. At Ontario Duct cleaning, we ensure the air quality is maintained and the air quality is healthy. In order to do that, we employ a system to blow and draw the air at the same time. This is the basic principle of duct cleaning. Read on to know how duct cleaning in Whitby is performed. Similar practices are applied to other duct cleaning requirements. 

  • HVAC systems are assessed by professional ODC employees
  • A plan outline is provided listing all the work that must be done for you to inform tenants or occupants of the precautions that must be taken while the duct cleaning is performed
  • All HVAC systems, plenums and critical components are sealed off before the cleaning
  • The team uses state of the art cleaning equipment and tools
  • Indoor air quality analysis and measurements ensure that we provide high quality and standards of duct cleaning

Get a Quote – How Much Does Duct Cleaning in Whitby Cost?

Every duct cleaning project is unique and comes with its own set of requirements. HVAC configurations differ from system to system. Give us a call to get a quote after an air quality analysis. At times ducts can also be infested with bugs or small animals but we can take care of all these requirements. We never compromise on quality and provide competitive pricing to ensure you get the best services. We ensure the job is done right the first time to save time and money. 

For larger, commercial cleaning projects, industrial cleaning projects in Whitby we offer custom onsite quotes. 

Duct Cleaning Services Performed by Ontario Duct Cleaning

Ontario Duct Cleaning offers a full range of air conditioning cleaning services in Whitby and the GTA. We utilise specific tools, custom made duct cleaning equipment and trucks to do our jobs. We have tackled projects of varying sizes and scope. Be it a home, an office, an industrial space or a hotel, we have the capability to provide the best cleaning services required as per the needs.

We will cater to and and provide the following services in Southern Ontario:

  • Before and After Duct Inspection
  • Ductwork sealing
  • HVAC and air vent cleaning
  • Exhaust Duct Cleaning
  • Deodorising and Sanitizing

On Demand Whitby Duct Cleaning Services

At ODC, we are abreast of the latest technologies to ensure we keep up with the current industrial trends. All you need is to give us a call and we ensure that thorough and proper duct cleaning is provided on the first attempt making use of technologically advanced equipment. Call ODC to let our professionals assess the quality of your air duct and let Southern Ontario’s best air duct technicians get the work done for you!

Whitby Duct Cleaning Ensures Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a parameter every business needs to look at in today’s time. Overtime, there is a build up of mould, termites, bacteria, dust, germs and other hazardous microbes in the vent which could over time affect the health and longevity of the individuals in the building.

Children and older individuals have a more delicate immune system which is why it is important to ensure the air quality is clean and breathable. Apart from checking for physical blockages, HVACs and ducts have to be checked for microbes and germs as well.

Keeping these factors in mind, our duct cleaning is far ahead of the competition. We have pioneered in the use of Indoor Air Quality as the correct metric to ensure the cleaning metric and standard meets the expectations. Our clients use this service which ensures compliance with:

  • Tenancy Rules
  • Safe work space and worker safety by-laws
  • Mortgage and insurance requirements

The Obvious Choice for Commercial and Industrial Duct Cleaning Services

Commercial and industrial HVAC come with bigger challenges as opposed to residential duct cleaning services. Small industrial spaces have a more intricate configuration as compared to a home. Keeping ducts clean from microbes will increase productivity of the employees and reduce sick leaves thereby promoting health and time efficiency. This will help improve the morale of the staff and positively affect the bottom line.

We are experienced at handling commercial as well as Industrial duct cleaning and this is why you should give us a call:

  • We are accredited by IAQA and NADCA
  • We have a professional team which is experienced at handling all types of projects
  • Customers are offered Air Miles (frequent flier miles)
  • Our team – be it the client facing customer team or the professional cleaning team – is well educated and knowledgeable about commercial duct cleaning in Whitby

This is how a commercial cleaning of an industrial space differs from a house:

  • Multiple and more intricate configurations of HVAC units, inlets and outlets, and exhaust fans
  • Cleaning is to be performed zonally after correct sealing off of zones
  • Longer duct runs
  • Self contained duct cleaning units that are able to service high rises
  • Specially designed equipments and pumps to handle high volume cleaning
  • Higher precaution required to clean your ducts and vents that carry industrial gases and vapours
  • Carbon monitoring and green credentials are ensured by following eco-friendly practices
  • Certification to show that the indoor air quality complies with the standards in accordance with industrial and commercial cleaning rules and procedures

Special Services and Products

Electrostatic Filters

Electronic Filters

Duct Disinfectant Spray

Air Quality Analysis

Flow through Humidifiers

Drain Pan Refurbishment

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Duct Sealing (Commercial)

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning – Whitby Region
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