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Industrial Services

Safety, productivity and efficiency relies heavily on maintaining ventilation and exhaust systems in industrial facilities. Designed for various industries, Ontario Duct Cleaning’s state of the art technology, powerful equipment and techniques ensure your system is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, maintaining efficiency and safety throughout the facility.

HVAC Inspection
Ontario Duct Cleaning offers thorough visual inspections of key areas within the HVAC system and reports based on findings. Using our robotic technology, the report includes digital images along with a written report outlining particulate testing, bacteria and fungi testing, and recommendations. Before and after photos detailing the servicing of the system are also available. Robotic technology offers the most advanced equipment available to video duct interiors before and after cleaning, and to clean any type of duct installation, particularly in inaccessible areas.

HVAC and Exhaust system Cleaning, Including Robotic Videotaping
Ontario Duct Cleaning’s comprehensive HVAC and exhaust system cleaning services employ modern, professional equipment and techniques. Using our robotic technology, HEPA vacuum and versatile truck-powered systems, Ontario Duct Cleaning services facilities of various designs and capacities.
Robotic Technology
Robotic technology offers the most advanced equipment available to monitor and videotape duct interiors before and after cleaning and to clean any type of duct installation, particularly in otherwise inaccessible areas.
H.E.P.A. Filter Negative Air Unit
Ontario Duct Cleaning’s state-of-the-art HEPA vacuum ensures no dust or debris is released into the treated environment during the process.
Truck-Powered Vacuum Containment
Ontario Duct Cleaning uses the most powerful and versatile duct cleaning truck in the industry, capable of providing vacuum and compressed air to clean installations of any size.

Register and Coil Cleaning
Dirty diffusers are a clear sign that the ductwork requires cleaning. Proper coil cleaning is critical to maintain air flow to design specifications. Our process involves high-pressure cleaning, degreasing and decalcification.

Air Quality Testing
Air quality tests are available to be conducted throughout the building envelope. We will report the results and make recommendations to comply with current A.S.H.R.A.E standards

Duct Sealants and Sanitizers
Ontario Duct Cleaning’s environmentally friendly, non-chemical process can reduce microbial growth within duct systems and ductwork to prevent the breakup of interior insulation.

Post Cleaning Report and Analysis
Upon completion, Ontario Duct Cleaning will submit a comprehensive final report, outlining all findings, laboratory test results and recommendations. The final report includes written material accompanied by digital images.