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Commercial, Business and Institutional Service

Indoor Air Quality system is specifically designed to rid your business of the adverse effects of dust, pollen and countless other pollutants. Ontario Duct Cleaning uses the most technologically advanced equipment on the market to clean all types and styles of Air Distribution Systems within a building’s envelop including but not limited to HVAC, Air Make-Up, Laundry and Exhaust systems. All of which will have your employees in a dust free and allergy friendly environment, increasing productivity and reducing sick time.


High Rise, Condominium and Retirement Residence Services

will have your tenants breathing a little easier. Cleaning all in-suite exhaust and heating/cooling systems provides your occupants a safe and healthy living environment, as well as lowing energy consumption. Ontario Duct Cleaning’s cleaning system is designed specifically to serve the on-going needs of all condominium managers. With 40 years of service excellence in the condominium marketplace our team ensures that all projects are completed – on-time, and on budget.


The Equipment

the Ontario Duct Cleaning uses to clean the various Air Distribution and Exhaust systems within these types of facilities is task specific. Commercial properties with systems that vehicle parking is close enough to keep a proper amount of vacuum power we can utilize our Residential Duct Truck. All other properties we use specialized Portable Vacuum units equipped with HEPA filtration since they exhaust inside the building’s envelope. All of our commercial vans and trucks are equipped with air compressors that run off a dedicated engine to generate the force required to clean the inside of the duct lines. Commercial properties can have large HVAC systems and very large commercial properties have multiple systems. To effectively clean with a Portable Vacuum, these systems are cleaned by sections that are zoned off. Ontario Duct Cleaning uses different styles of Portable Vacuum units, Brush Pack Systems, self-contained units specifically used for Kitchen/Bathroom exhausts and for those 30 story highrises, portable compressors.


The Price

contact your local Ontario Duct Cleaning office from our Locations Map. One of our dedicated commercial representatives would be happy to arrange a site visit at your convenience to answer any of your questions and gather all information to provide a quote for any of your Indoor Air Quality needs.


The Work

is scheduled around your business. Typically condominium cleanings are done during the day since the process is noisy and noise by-laws are usually more stringent in a residential setting. Commercial business properties do not want the process done during business hours for the same reason noise, whether disrupting the staff and their productivity or giving a customer’s a less than pleasurable experience, so the work is done after the offices or retail store closes. Ontario Duct Cleaning wants to make sure that your business does not suffer while you are taking measures to improve the Indoor Air Quality for everyone.


Satisfaction Guarantee

shows our commitment to meeting the industry’s and our customers’ highest standards. All concerns regarding the quality of service are taken seriously, and Ontario Duct Cleaning’s 40 years in the industry speaks to that.
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