Commercial & Highrise Duct Cleaning

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Commercial, Business and Institutional Services

Our Indoor Air Quality system is specifically designed to rid your business of the adverse effects of dust, pollen and countless other pollutants. This exclusive system robotically cleans your HVAC units and ductwork, analyzes your indoor air and provides you with mould and bacteria controls for your air delivery system. All of which will have your employees living in a dust free and allergy friendly environment, increasing productivity and reducing sick time.

HVAC System and Exhaust Cleaning
Using robotic technology and versatile truck-powered or HEPA filter negative air units, Ontario Duct Cleaning professionally cleans your systems while monitoring the process for quality control.

HVAC Inspection and Post Cleaning Reports/Analysis
Ontario Duct Cleaning conducts thorough visual inspections of key areas within the HVAC system and offers reports based on its findings. Using our robotic technology, the report includes digital images along with a written report outlining particulate testing, bacteria and fungi testing, and recommendations. Before and after photos detailing the servicing of the system are also available. Robotic technology offers the most advanced equipment available to video duct interiors before and after cleaning, and to clean any type of duct installation, particularly in inaccessible areas.

Air Quality Testing
Air quality tests are available to be conducted throughout the building envelope. We will report the results and make recommendations to comply with current A.S.H.R.A.E standards.

Register and Coil Cleaning
Contaminated, dusty diffusers are a good indication that your system’s ductwork requires cleaning. Proper coil cleaning is critical to maintain air flow to design specifications. Our process involves high pressure cleaning, degreasing, and decalcification.

Duct Sealants and Sanitizers
Ontario Duct Cleaning’s environmentally friendly, non-chemical process can reduce microbial growth within duct systems and ductwork to prevent the breakup of interior insulation.

High Rise, Condominium and Retirement Residence Services

Your tenants will breathe a little easier. Cleaning all in-suite exhaust and heating/cooling systems provides your occupants a safe and healthy living environment, as well as lowering energy consumption. Our cleaning system is designed specifically to serve the on-going needs of all condominium managers. With 25 years of service excellence in the condominium marketplace our team ensures that all projects are completed – on time, and on budget.

In-Suite Exhaust, Fan Coil and HVAC Cleaning
Using powerful truck-powered systems, HEPA filter negative air units and robotic technology, Ontario Duct Cleaning provides professional in-suite exhaust and heating/cooling system cleaning, tailored to your building and tenants’ needs.

Hallway Air Make-Up Systems
Ontario Duct Cleaning’s services professionally clean shared spaces, ensuring maintenance and efficiency throughout your building, resulting in a cleaner, healthier environment for tenants and staff alike.

Laundry Room Dryer Exhaust Cleaning
Tailored to suit the needs of your management and tenants’ schedules, our laundry exhaust services clean systems of all capacities, reducing fire hazards, costly repairs and improves the efficiency and life of your dryers.

Duct Sealants and Sanitizers
Ontario Duct Cleaning’s environmentally friendly, non-chemical process can reduce microbial growth within duct systems and ductwork to prevent the breakup of interior insulation.