At Ontario Duct Cleaning we endeavor to make air duct cleaning easy, transparent and affordable. From the moment you get in touch with us till when the job is complete, you will find us responsive partners who work to your schedule and requirements.

In this article we explain the HVAC duct cleaning process from start to finish and what you should expect. If you have any questions or specific needs, feel free to talk to our representatives. Other than providing a quote for the work, they can tell you how long your duct cleaning should take and what (if any) preparation is required.

Explained: 5 step air duct cleaning process

Step 1: Discuss your requirements

When a customer calls us, we run them through the duct cleaning process, explain what all will be cleaned and the charges for that. Our representative tells the customer the base rate, the charge for each register and return. We check the customer’s availability over a weekday or if they require a Saturday appointment. A morning or afternoon slot is scheduled accordingly.

We also inform the customer of the parking space our HVAC duct cleaning truck needs (it is about the size of an ambulance). If sufficient parking space is not available, we provide a portable vacuum unit instead.

Did you know our representative calls two days prior to confirm the appointment.

Step 2: Preparing for duct cleaning

Our team arrives at the customer’s premises and begins setting up piping and hoses from the truck to the furnace. Since the equipment runs off the truck’s engine you don’t need to worry about providing power. We hook up the vacuum and prepare to draw dirt and debris directly into the truck.

Step 3: Preparing and cleaning the ducts

Our team prepares vacuum hook-ups and makes access holes for the main duct lines. We also do a four point cleaning of the air handling side of the furnace to make sure there is no loose dirt to blowback through the clean ductwork. The furnace fan, the outsides of heat exchangers, A/C coils and plenum are also cleaned. Using air brushing and air whips we clean out pet dander, clumped dirt and debris stuck to the walls and in nooks and crannies.

Step 4: Cleaning returns and registers

Our team cleans out all returns and registers. We visit each of the vents to blast dirt and debris down the feeder lines into the main duct lines.  Since our team needs access to the return and register, you have to ensure access to those parts of the property.  Main duct lines are cleaned with a Scorpion Rod system, this enables us to access lines that are enclosed in the ceiling space.

Step 5: Disinfecting the air ducts and finishing up

Once all the ductwork is clean, we can disinfect and deordorize them with Benefect.  The process entails fogging the system from the access holes with the furnace blower going out to all the vents.

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