How to Know If Your Air Ducts Are Leaking

Your ductwork is critical to your air conditioner’s efficiency. Your air conditioner can be strong, but the amount of air that enters your home is determined by your ducts. Your ducts, in effect, decide how much energy your system needs to heat or cool your house.Air duct leak repair services can only help you if you know how to check for leaking air ducts. So keep an eye out for these symptoms that indicate the presence of leaky air ducts in your home:


Always keep track of how old your air conditioner and ductwork are. There is no greater indicator that your system is at peril than old age. As ducts age, they gradually weaken and become vulnerable to injury. When your ducts are 15 or 20 years old, be particularly cautious. After that period, problems are more likely to appear.

Uneven Heating And Cooling

It might indicate leaking air ducts if specific portions of your home don’t seem to become chilly or warm when your HVAC system is running. If you have leaking air ducts, you might be losing as much as 30% of the air traveling through your system into unconditioned places like your attic or crawl space. It impairs the system’s capacity to move cold or hot air evenly around your house, resulting in inconsistent heating and cooling.

Increased Utility Bills

Utility bills can help you determine whether your home’s energy efficiency is harmed by leaking ductwork. If you detect an increase in your utility expenses, you should evaluate your ducting. That’s just a waste of money!

The amount of influence that lost air has on your electricity expenses varies. However, leaking air ducts account for up to 35 percent of a home’s total energy burden in areas where air conditioning is continually operating. Therefore, it implies that sealing those leaking air ducts is one of the most cost-effective methods to improve the energy efficiency of your house, primarily if you use your HVAC system frequently.

Excessive Dust

If you’ve observed no end to the quantity of dust in your house, it might be due to leaking air ducts. Air ducts are frequently installed in your home’s unconditioned areas, such as crawl spaces and attics. Dust will enter the system through an air duct leak in a dusty attic or crawl area and be spread throughout your home.

Aside from the ugly appearance of dust on all of your furniture, the dust has a severe influence on the indoor air quality of your home. Environmental toxins can be found in dust that gathers and settles in attics, subsequently dispersed throughout your house by an air duct leak. Keep your ductwork sealed and your home clean and dust-free to avoid this.

What To Do If You Suspect A Leak?

If you suspect leaking air ducts, you’re probably wondering what to do next and how to find air duct leaks. If you can do so safely, narrowing down the leak’s position and size might help you figure out whether it’s something you can fix yourself. Because ductwork frequently goes through the attic, be cautious of your feet and safety if you choose to investigate the leak.

Alternatively, give our experts a call! Ontario Duct Cleaning provides air duct cleaning and if our workers notice any signs of repair required, we inform you.

Even if you fix the leak yourself, having your air ducts professionally cleaned after a leak is a brilliant idea. While repairing air duct leaks may restore system integrity, it will not eliminate any pollutants that may have entered your system due to the leak. However, following the sealing of your system, a thorough cleaning will guarantee that only clean air enters your house.

Get Your Air Duct Cleaned By Ontario Duct Cleaning

No matter how little, any ducting hole may place a strain on your HVAC system and your budget. Ontario Duct Cleaning services can help you clean your ducts professionally and our team can help pinpoint any damage that may require repair work to help you take timely action. Our ductwork services will save you money, but they will also ensure that your HVAC system runs smoothly and effectively. So make an appointment for duct cleaning now.

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