We must ensure our environment is clean since it has a lot of impacts on our health, especially regarding air quality. We all have heating and cooling systems in our respective living spaces. Air ducts are the lungs of a building or house, which is why air duct cleaning is a must. There is nothing better than having your air ducts cleaned periodically to ensure you’re breathing clean and fresh air as possible.

But over the years, there have been several myths and misconceptions concerning air duct cleaning. Below you will find a list of facts and some common myths associated with this topic.

Myth 1: Hiring an air duct cleaning company will cost you a fortune.
Fact: One of the most commonly held beliefs is that hiring an expert to clean the vents means spending more money on the job. However, this is entirely untrue because it is possible to save money by getting a professional company to do the work instead of doing it yourself or using a cheap home-based service that could damage your system. In addition, they are the experts in this field and know better ways to clean your system, which saves energy costs and helps you to save maintenance costs.

Myth 2: Air duct cleaning is not an easy task.
Fact: Let’s debunk this myth once and for all. Yes, it is a challenging task. It requires the skills to clean your vent system thoroughly. It would help if you had advanced tools which are not accessible to possess. But nothing worth doing ever comes easy. If you hire experienced professionals, they will ensure that your air ducts are cleaned perfectly without causing any damage to them. They should be trained to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) standards and have professional and tools. They are licensed and trained and have professional training and tools. Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services has proven to be the most effective way to clean your air ducts.

Myth 3: Air duct cleaning does not guarantee fresh air.
Fact: Yes, it was true when the conventional duct cleaning method used to be done manually using brushes, vacuum cleaners, etc. However, nowadays, things have changed entirely with the advancement of technology. Therefore, there are new ways of cleaning air ducts with more advanced, effective and powerful tools. Which thoroughly cleans the system and removes even the minute dust particles so you can breathe fresh and safe air.

Myth 4: Air duct cleaning does not help you to save money.
Fact: It is not valid. An accumulation of debris in the ductwork may cause your HVAC system to work excessively hard. According to the NADCA, households waste between 25 and 40 percent of their energy on heating and cooling, and system pollutants can occasionally be to blame. Filters, which assist but do not entirely prevent all air borne dust from circulating through your duct system since air needs to flow through the filter. Long-term costs may be decreased if your system has clean ducts and doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate air as it should. Which ultimately saves the energy cost.

Myth 5: You only need air duct cleaning services when something is wrong inside or with the system.
Fact: However, this is only sometimes the case; many people need to remember to have their systems cleaned as a part of regular maintenance (usually every three to five years). You may not immediately notice dirt in the duct; however, it builds up over time. Dust particles and other contaminants can accumulate over time in your air vents. If left uncleaned, these particles will build up inside the vent system and eventually cause clogs which may lead to unhealthy living conditions. Therefore, keeping your air duct system clean is essential, as it may lead to poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Myth 6: Your home will be left messy after duct cleaning.
Fact: You shouldn’t worry about a significant mess left after a duct cleaning as long as you hire a reputable, skilled professional firm. Experienced professionals know how important it is to keep your home tidy and will take all reasonable measures to make you feel secure about the duct cleaning service. In addition, your interior air quality will increase following a duct cleaning procedure, not degrade, thanks to professional duct cleaning instruments and techniques.

How to choose a reliable Air Duct Cleaning Specialist?

Always choose a trustworthy company, and everything else will go smoothly. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association’s (NADCA) training and certification are the best guarantees that duct and HVAC system cleaning will be done safely. So always go for the licensed and member of NADCA-accredited service providers.

The main trade organization for companies that clean air ducts and HVAC systems, NADCA, mandates that all of its members have at least one certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on staff and that this person is in charge of cleaning and restoring a customer’s HVAC system in accordance with the association’s standards and regulations.

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